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Wired Alarm and Surveillance Protection

WASP is a low voltage cabling company providing services such as camera and alarm systems, structured cabling, networking and help desk solutions, smart home, and more! We specialize in building customer relationships through honesty, trust, and proper management of every job we do.


Wired Alarm and Surveillance Protection strives for proactive professionalism in each project to ensure that all jobs are completed to the highest possible standards.

  • Full Installation

  • Service and Repairs

  • System Upgrades

  • Systems Monitoring

  • Network Management

  • Data Center Installation

  • Network Equipment Installation

  • Network Security

  • Full Installation

  • Monitoring

  • Service and Repairs

  • System Upgrades

More info coming soon
  • Help Desk Support

  • Systems Integrations

  • Website Building

  • Computer Management

Network Support

Alarm & security

video Surveillance

IT Consulting

  • IoT Design and Installation

  • Account Takeover

  • Home Automation

  • Custom Technology Solutions

  • Systems Monitoring

  • Data Retrieval

  • System Health

  • Virtual Support

More info coming soon
  • Home Theatre

  • Intercom System

  • Entertainment zones

  • Service and Repairs

  • Full Installation & design

  • Service and Repairs

  • Planning and configuration

  • Access Management







Hello and thank you for your interest in Wired Alarm and Surveillance Protection LLC, we look forward
to working with you. This company has accumulated 25+ years of experience in the industry. Starting in the mid-90’s, company founder Joshua Portell began gaining as much experience and making as many relationships within the industry as possible. Wired Alarm and Surveillance Protection believes that success comes with taking care of the customer. This includes professional service, reliable equipment, guaranteed work, and a clean and cosmetically correct installation. Any technology-based industry is going to be constantly changing and improving. How will you keep up? You’ll partner with a company that will keep up for you. We keep up to date and on track with changing trends, new equipment, and improved services. We get necessary training to be able to handle the ever-changing world of Surveillance, Security, and IT Solutions.

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