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Meet the Team

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Josh Portell

Hello, my name is Joshua Portell and I’m a Partner with Wired Alarm and Surveillance Protection LLC. I have over 25 years in the industry as a low voltage technician and my primary positions within the company are Sales and Project Management. Although I was born in MN, my family is from here and we moved back when I was very young. I have lived in St. Louis and parts of Jefferson County ever since. I’ve been asked what my professional and personal goals were and I always need to take a minute before answering. Like most people, I have different size goals, and some get accomplished quicker and easier than others. At the heart of each goal, whether personal or professional, large, or small, is the need to do it to the best of my ability. In my spare time, when I have spare time that is, I enjoy working in the garage on a wood project of
some kind. My favorite projects are the ones I can put on display and use in the house and more accurately, my basement where I have a rec room to relax and play games. Some of my proudest creations are my custom poker tables.


Now I’d like to introduce my Partner, Corey Hays.


Corey Hays

I met Corey in 2019 and he was a huge help on day one. He came in with a wealth of knowledge and
skills, he also came on eager to learn more, and learn more he did!
Today, as IT director, he handles all items in the information technology area for our company and our
customers. He is currently a student at Purdue, where he will receive a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Management Information Systems.
He can bring all this knowledge and all these skills in a way that our customers benefit in a very real way.
I’m lucky to have him and couldn’t be happier to have him as part of this team.
Living across the river in IL, he also helps us reach a further clientele than is sometimes possible.
When he is not sharpening his skill behind a keyboard, or fine tuning various wood working projects in the garage, Corey enjoys spending as much time as he can with his beautiful family.

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