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Access Control

Stay in control and manage access to rooms and areas, grant permission to these areas without fear of key duplication. WASP can secure any door and implement a management system where you, the owner, determines who comes and goes, and when they are allowed to do so.

Full Installation and Design

Our trained technicians will determine the hardware and material needed in each application. Different doors require different and sometimes unique equipment and material to keep the door locked and functionally properly.


Determine what doors need to be secured. Define each door by who will have permission to access the area, what times the area can be accessed, and if the area is to open and close at certain times automatically.

Service and Repairs

W.A.S.P. stands by our installations and the products we use. We have service plans available and manufacturers warranties to keep your system running properly and with as little interruption as possible.

Access Management

Manage the system on site or remotely with ease. Add and remove users quickly. Track history and activity per area or user. Keep piece of mind knowing that keys aren’t being copied or lost giving unwanted individuals access to high security areas, products, or valuables.

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